Available for all dog breeds and cats too. Prices are based on breed, type of haircut, and condition of coat.


Includes a gentle shampoo applied with our hydro bath system, deep and easy ear cleaning, checking anal glands and expression if necessary, nail trim and file, blow dry, brush out, deodorize with cologne(natural aroma-therapy), and finish with a ribbon or scarf.

  • Small dog up to 25 lbs.   base price ---$33.00
  • Medium dogs 25 to 50 lbs. base price---$38.50
  • Large dogs 50 to 75 lbs. base price---$49.50
  • Shorthaired cat base price---$33.00
  • Longhaired cat base price--$38.50


Includes everything in the basic bath plus; sanitary clip, trimming around eyes and ears, shave hair around the pads and trim the feet.

  • Small dog up to 25 lbs. base price---$38.50
  • Medium dog 25 to 50 lbs. base price---$49.50
  • Large dog 50 to 75 lbs. base price---$55.00


Includes everything in the basic face, feet, and tail plus; full body breed standard haircut and style.

  • Small dog up to 25 lbs. base price---$44.00
  • Medium dog 25 to 50 lbs. base price---$55.00
  • Large dog 50 to 75 lbs. base price---$66.00
  • Short and longhaired cats base price--$66.00

 (Base price does not include severe matting, undercoat removal or any extra services)

Add a deluxe to any Basic Bath or Groom
The deluxe includes a special shampoo and conditioner based on the coat and skin type.Complete tooth brushing and breath control and a pawdicure.
Just $20.00 more

  • Cat Grooming- (prices start at $38.50)

Don’t forget your kitty. Cats need grooming too. I mean how clean would you be if you just got a spit bath?  YUCK!!!


  • Complete Tooth brushing and breath control Free Toothbrush!!--- $10.00

(Comes with the deluxe package)

  • Carding (removal of excess hair)---$10.00


  • Shed-Reducing Treatment-- (Starting at $15.00)

A Special shampoo and conditioner is used as well as special grooming tools and techniques to remove 60-80% of shedding hair.

  • Wine and Dine

A cool, clear, and refreshing drink of mineral water, plus an all-natural snack just $2.50

  • Warm-oil treatment

Natural and organic oils help rejuvenate a dry, brittle coat starting at $10.00

  • Natural Dead Sea Mud Bath

(Picture of your muddy pup included)
A mixture of Dead Sea mud, minerals, eucalyptus oil, aloe, and vitamin E, to exfoliate and moisturize. Starting at $10.00

  • Natural Neem Flea and Tick Dips and Shampoo

Natural way to get rid of fleas and ticks $7.00 to $14.00

  • Pawdicure

(Comes with deluxe package)
Fresh bath paw treatment and natural oils are used to condition and smooth the pads. Nail Trim and File.

(Comes with all Baths and Grooms) $15.00

  • Blueberry Facial--$5.00
  • Hand scissoring—(prices start at $10.00)
  • Hand Stripping (prices start at $10.00)
  • K-9 Massage—($15.00 per 15 minutes)

  • Gentle (Anesthetic Free) teeth cleaning with Plagclnz--(15.00)




Refreshing vanilla, white tea (To nourish and rehydrate) $20.00
Includes fresh bath nail and paw treatment, fresh facial scrub, nourish vitamin conditioner, and fresh aromatherapy treatment.


Ginger root & pink grapefruit (To help revitalize brilliance) $11.00
Includes renew bath, fresh facial scrub, nourish vitamin conditioner, and renew aromatherapy treatment.


Lavender oatmeal (To calm and soothe)$7.00
Includes comfort bath, nourish vitamin conditioner, and comfort aromatherapy treatment.



  • Creative Coloring- (prices start at $5.00)

Coloring for your pet is the new craze!! Would you like a little pizazz for your pet? Try adding a little color! We can make your Bichon pretty and pink, or make your Maltese the Rock star that he is by giving him a purple and blue tail.
All colors are pet safe and non-toxic. Colors last from as little as a few days to as long as your pets next grooming (about 4-6 weeks) so you’re pet can sport a new color every time he/she gets groomed.

  • Color Enhancement- (prices start at $5.00)

Do you remember when your little black poodle was a dark rich black color and now she has lightened up so much she’s almost grey, or when you’re Golden in his younger years was a rich gold red color?
Make your older dog look young again, with Color enhancement.


  • Pickup & Delivery

South Tulsa & Bixby area $5.00 each way. Other $10.00 each way within a 5mile radius
We know how busy your day can be, with trying to get your kids ready for school, yourself to work, and the traffic. Getting your pet to the daycare and grooming can be quite a chore. Well it does not have to be . Let us come pick up your pet and bring him/her to our salon. When you are ready we will deliver him/her home safe and sound clean, fresh and happy.

  • In Home Services---(call for pricing)

Often time pets are unable to leave to comfort of your home. We will do nail trimming, and minor cleanups right at your home.

  • Pet Sitting (overnight stay)

    Don't leave your pet at a boarding facility. We do pet sitting too. Your pets can stay in the comfort of their own home or come visit me at my home.
    Small Dog ----------------------------$15.00 (per dog per day)
    Medium Dog--------------------------$20.00 (per dog per day)